All-new design.

Seriously, we didn't change a thing. It is the same as the last year's iPhone 5. Same colors, same weight, same screen, same thickness, same positioning of all holes and buttons.
The only thing that we changed is the battery.

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Brilliant 4-inch Retina display.

The 4-inch Retina display is literally the same as in iPhone 5. Actually, we are using the same shipment of screens we have ordered for the last year. Nothing changed. Except this beautiful screen can stay shining for
up to three times longer.

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Ultrafast wireless.

With support for the latest wireless technologies, iPhone 5S has the same wireless speeds as iPhone 5. And Wi-Fi is the same, too. We have figured out that it will take years for carriers to provide decent LTE coverage, so there is no need to make new technology that basically cannot be used.

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Powerful A6 chip.

Boom. Here's the kicker. We have spent entire year engineering the most advanced battery yet. It weights the same and has the same size as last year's, however, this baby packs three times more juice. Run your iPhone for days without worrying about recharging.
The feature you have all been waiting for.

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